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Cape May to Eire Canal

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Miss Chris Marina in Cape May, NJ is resort area is noted for its fishing and whale watching excursions. 
Clam and oyster harvesting is the chief industry and it was interesting to see the big rakes they used on the fishing boats. 
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We were directed to the coffee shop at the Lobster House Restaurant as they had the same menu as the restaurant at a fraction of the cost. The next morning on the rising tide we took off for our next adventure navigating offshore on the Atlantic Ocean.
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The Atlantic proved to be an interesting adventure. We had planed to stop at Atlantic City and tie up to one of the gambling boats, but the ocean was so calm that we decided to continue on. We studied the maps and decided that we would cut into the ICW at Barnequant, NJ and knew that the cut took an unusual turn, but no worry we were seasoned old salts. We proceeded into the cut when the winds picked up to thirty miles per hour and were hitting us abeam. At the first turn the marker was missing and as we slowed down to assess our location and were blown onto the dreaded shoal. A frantic call to Boat US was made. As we waited for them to arrive we continued to be blown further onto the shoal so we dropped anchor and waited. Once we were pulled off we made a check of the boat and listened for vibrations. We then proceeded to the High Bar Harbor Yacht Club to spend the night and lick our wounded egos.
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statue.jpg (8747 bytes) The next morning we decided to continue on the Atlantic rather than follow the ICW to New York. Entering New York Harbor was awe inspiring as we passed the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 
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  We soon learned to watch the wakes of the water taxis as the sped by. Docking at the Liberty Harbor Marina, New Jersey we met up with a Ruth Campanella from Michigan City who told us about the area and gave us a tour of their boat the Bay Pelican. 
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Reverting back to being tourists we took a water taxi over to Manhattan and walked around ground zero. Itís hard to explain the feeling one has when you see the area and think back to the television coverage of that fateful day. We stopped at one of New Yorkís delis for a quick snack and headed back to the boat. 

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water_traffic.jpg (16712 bytes) Deciding that the hustle and bustle of the city was too much for us we decided to continue on.
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West_Point.jpg (16482 bytes) The docking area around West Point is now restricted. However seeing it from the River was an interesting vantage point.
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 At the next marina in Croton on the Hudson, NY we negotiated on the marina fee and decided to stay two days and clean the boat. An interesting sidelight was when the harbormaster wanted a copy of Allenís driverís license to cash a travelerís check and because of a shortage of cash he was going to write Allen a check for the change. This was agreeable with Allen, but he wanted a copy of the marinaís ownerís driverís license with the check. 
The harbormaster miraculously returned with cash.
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Light houses on the Hudson are not the traditional shape as each one is different as to style and color. 
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 Roundout Yacht Basin in Kingston, NY was our next port where they busy getting ready for the townís Harbor Fest the next day. We always seem to dock in a port the day before or the day after a festival.
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Water_City_Dock.jpg (20740 bytes)  The next day we docked at the Waterford City Dock in Waterford, NY which signaled the start of the Erie Canal. 
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