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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Decorating Ideas.  
Heart Fulton Square has a beautiful indoor or outdoor heart stand #8579.
Lets decorate it. It would look great with outdoor plants, but if you are like me and forget to water well, Lets do SILK instead
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The supplies.

 Larger than 10" piece of Styrofoam
10" Pot- with drain hole
Sheet Moss or Spanish Moss
3 Silk bushes Long and Full
Floral wire
Wire Scissor
Hot glue gun
F.S. #8579 

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Cutout The Styrofoam.

First, put the Styrofoam on top of the pot and hit it all away around the rim with the heal of your hand. Turn over the Styrofoam and you will see the imprint of the pot. Use you knife or saw and cut out the circle. You will have to shave and fit the circle until it fits nice.
When you feel you have a nice fit use you hot glue gun to set it tight. Remember its the wind that you will be fighting.

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Makeholes The Holes.

Take a screw driver and start three small holes in a large triangle patter. This is for the stems so they will push in easily.

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Mossleaf The Greenery.

Now for the greenery.  Lets just lay the moss over the top of the Styrofoam and add a little glue to help it to stay in place. Next push in your stems and then apply some glue to keep them tight. See how easy.

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8579des.jpg (31100 bytes) The Finish touch.

Make sure the Styrofoam is covered by the moss. Then just take each Vine strand of greenery and pull out & bend to make it look real and full. 

Do You like it?
Best of all you did it.


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