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Lets Design Together By Jane Green

30 Years of experience

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home Decorating Ideas.  
8178 votive holder and candle Have you ever seen an arrangement and wished you could do it your self and for less money?

Lets start with Fulton Square's 20" Offset Hook and a Votive Candle Cradle.

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supplies The supplies you will need:

Ivy Bush
Floral wire
Wire Scissor
2 small clusters of Grapes 

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Lets start Let Start

Cut your first length of Ivy long enough to start at the top & spiral along the curve to the base. Now we need 4 pieces of Ivy to go over the legs & cascade on to the table. 

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Let Finish

Wire all together & then to the base. Again wire where the Ivy leaves can cover the wire.

Wire in about three places to keep the Ivy  in place. 

Votive Holder The Votive Holder is easy.

Cut a piece of Ivy to go around the Base of the holder twice. Wire to the base. Do not place the ivy where it will get hot from the burning candle.

See how easy.

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Home Decorating Ideas For a bit of pizzaz, place the clusters of grapes where you like. Its Your design....


I hope you like it and best of all you did it.


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Table offset Stand and Candle-stream Holder 

Powder coated in brilliant  black, and with Fulton Square's custom-poured white candle in a 12oz votive glass.

20" tall Wt. 5.3#
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